Livescore provides You with high quality XML scores feeds at great prices. The livescore feed is given to You in a clear XML or JSON format so You are able to integrate the data in Your own design. Our sports data XML services help You to get live updated content on Your website.

Since 2011 we are offering a new livescore feed system with smart types of requests, giving You the ability to get all desired information in one single XML data sheet. We are providing You also with a free sample XML parser and database structure model.

What do we offer?


Livescore feed

XML scores feed

Livescore feed including livescores, results, fixtures, standings, statistics, images and a lot of other sports data. Our coverage includes:

  • Multiple sports
  • Detailed information about incidents

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Sport odds feeds

Sport odds feed

Sport odds from lots of bookmakers for all major games. Use our odds to build some fantastic applications!

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Why choose us?

Reliablitiy and quality

Reliablitiy and quality

It is not as easy as it looks like to find a reliable sports data provider. Livescore feed providers are usually two types – low costs and low quality or high costs and high quality. Usually while quality providers will charge you very high, cheap ones will give you access to a feed, which either has errors or is hard to organise in a database. We claim that our service is the perfect combination between low price and high quality. You can check that yourselve by having our 14 days trial prior buying a subscription.

Lowest prices

Easy installation

Our live XML scores feed service is very easy to install. We are providing You with a sample database structure and ready for use XML parser, written in PHP. All you need to do is to replace the license key in the already written script.

Best prices

Best prices

Our prices for XML scores services are within the best in the world. We have flexible types of deals for every kind of business project.


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