Learn languages, flying at a speed of 50 words per hour!

Try our free Lite version and learn Spanish, French, German, Russian and Bulgarian.

About Space Polyglot

Space Polyglot is a language learning game that will teach you new words completely effortless while you are flying around the solar system with your spacecraft. We use the basics of a unique method for unintentional memorizing - Suggestopedia that makes it fun and easy by activating your subconscious memory. The number one rule in our approach is "DO NOT TRY TO REMEMBER ANYTHING!".

Now we need YOUR help! After one year strong dedication we did our best to be able to provide the free Lite version of Space Polyglot that teaches Spanish, French, German, Russian and Bulgarian. We have built just Planet Earth providing 50 words and now we need a Kickstarter funding to build the rest of it and teach you 950 more words! Subscribe now so you don't forget about it tomorrow to get notified on launch. We will reward you for supporting our project - apart from our exclusive rewards we will give you the opportunity to earn revenue just by spreading the word by Kickbooster. Thank you!

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Contact us via Phone: (+359)878 23 23 89 or Email : contact@witnut.com

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You are welcome to try the free Space Polyglot Lite version available on this page. We are launching a Kickstarter campaign on the 20th of September in order to raise funds and build the full version. Sign up for our mail list and we will notify you as it kicks off. You can get our exclusive rewards and earn money by spreading the word by Kickbooster!


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