What is XML scores feed service and why it is needed

Xml scores feed service or also known as livescore XML feed is something that every owner of website with sport content does need. Having in mind the times in which we live and the speed in which the world is developing every day, the speed and accurancy of information delivery become more vital every next day. Interested in sports people are looking for sophisticated sport websites on which to find everything they need on one place, and one of the most important things they are looking for is sports results data.

The free livescore data service and why it is not worth

A lot of webmasters nowadays are placing on their websites ready for use free widget frames with livescores, provided by other livescore websites, thinking that they will bring more users on their websites in that way. But that's a big mistake, because these free frames services can be used by anyone and many websites have them. So if you use them you can not stand out of the crowd and your users will have no additional reason to visit your website in order to see something that they can see on some other place.
The tendention of using free frames with livescore data is dying and more and more websites are realizing that without unique way of representing the sport data in their pages they have no chances to fight the majority of competitors.

The advantages of the XML scores feed service
The way to attract and involve new visitors to your website is to show them something which the other websites does not have. Here comes the XML scores service to help you create your own application, using your own design and, which is most important, to organise the sport data in a desired by you manner.

Livescore XML feed service is a XML sheet with results and other data, updated live during the play of the sport games, representing the data in a XML format, which allows scripts created by programmers to extract the data from the XML and synchronise it with a given website database. Using that type of feed, you can play with the data in any way you want, including creating custom applications, even games and calculating statistics for specific teams or championships. If you use the XML scores service you can calculate any custom statistics and show them on your application.
People then will know that on your website they can find valuable extracted statistics, which are available only on your website and they will visit exactly your website.

LivescoreFeed.net provides you with fast and reliable XML scores feeds, giving you also the ability to recieve the data in a JSON format, which can be also easily processed by any program application, but it is significantly reducing the web traffic between the sending and the receiving server. Let us show you the quality which we are showing to a plenty of custommers the last years.
Our baseball service provides you with fast and reliabe NBL data.

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