Livescore data, also known as livescore XML feed is something that every owner of a website with sport content does need. Having in mind the times in which we live and the speed in which the world is developing every day, the speed and accurancy of information delivery become more vital every next day. Interested in sports people are looking for sophisticated sport websites on which they can find everything they need on one place, and one of the most important things they are looking for is live scores and other live sport data.

Our soccer feeds include data from the Champions league, UEFA league, EPL, Liga BBVA (Spain), Bundesliga, France League 1, Italian leagues and more leagues from countries from all over the globe. You can get future fixtires as well as livescores. All livescore games come with head to head stats, as well as detailed event info - goalscorers, cards, substitutions. For selected games we provide as well additional info such as lineups, livestats and even live commentaries.

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