Terms and conditions

1. Customer is a private person or a company, receiving sport data feeds from Livescorefeed.net.
2. Provider is LivescoreFeed.net, part of Shindarov NET Ltd.


1. The customer will be given acces to XML service, providing livescore data, by the provider. The data is present in XML or JSON format. The maximum number of requests the client can make to the server is limited to 6 times per minute.
2. Livescore data service must be up and running 24/7. If there are any donwtimes of the service, longer than one hour, the custommer will get money compensation, equal to 1% of the monthly fee per hour, if he makes a request for that to the provider. The compesation must not exceed the monthly fee of the customer.
3. The provider takes responsibility for keeping the service technicaly online, but do not takes responsibility for eventual errors in the information that may appear in the feed or for insufficient information for some games. As long as such errors are present, the customer is free to contact the provider and report the problem, which will be solved as soon as possible, but money compensations are not provided in this case.
4. The provider provides help by email for the installation of the service, but does not offer installation to the customer.
5. The customer may use the alert center for emergency issues in order to contact the providers staff when a problem in the feed occurs. The alert center is located on URL: http://livescorefeed.net/alert.php and can be used with the login credentials, which the customer has created during his registration.
6. The customer must pay his monthly fee every month on the date, on which the first payment is done. The first payment shall be done after the end of the free trial period - two weeks. If the payment is not received on the exact date, the provider reserves the right to stop the access to the feed without informing the customer. The custommer will be charged additionally 5 EUR for every delayed day.
7. The customer must not resell the feed to third parties in any way, or use it in any other website except the website(s) he has declared to the provider. If the customer is reselling the feed, or is using it in more than one web site, the provider reserves the right to stop the access to the feed without informing the customer. In this case, no refund of money will be provided to the customer, if he had payed for long term in the future.
8. The provider does not take responsibility for any legal or license issues that may occur regarding the display of the selled data on the cuistomers website.
9. The subscription of the customer includes custom deepness of data, specified in his contract.
10. Agreed price for the service specified above is specified in the custommers contract.
11. The monthly fee must be payed every one, three, six or twelve months via PAYPAL or Bank transfers. All fees for money transfers are not included in the price.
12. For Bulgarian citizens and citizens of the Europen Union without a valid VAT number the price specified in the contract does not include 20% VAT.
13. Refunds are not offered to any custommer in any case, regardless of the monthly fee and plan.
14. The custommer will be sent a contract with the rules above, as well as specified details about price, usage and deepness of data via email that he needs to sign and return back in a term of one month after the start of the subscription. If the contract is not returned in the first month, the provider reserves the right to stop the feed.
15. The provider reserves the right to change some attributes and type of requests in the feed, and if he does that he must inform the custommer at least one month before the change is done.
16. The provider does not take any responsibility for any possible issues with the customer due to copyrights or anything else, related to the use of the feeds.
17. Any written agreement, including in the form of email, between the provider and the client, is superior to this terms if it is partially or completely contrary to them.

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